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R & N Hydraulics

rnhyd2Keeping a website fresh and up-to-date is very important in today’s fast moving world. For our client R&N Hydraulics in Bryant, Arkansas, keeping things fresh and new has never been easier.

We launched R&N’s first Jackpot Interactive website in February 2013. Since that time, a number of new challenges have arisen for the company’s online presence, including a big jump in mobile devices visiting the site.

There have been some significant advancements in mobile friendly website technology since the previous R&N website was launched. Now, we have more capabilities than ever before to create dynamic, responsive web designs that can provide a full and rich website experience – no matter what device people choose to use.

Armed with these new capabilities and compelling website usage data indicating a serious need for change, the Jackpot team sprang into action.

The first step was to make R&N management aware of the problem, and then to provide a reasonable and cost effective solution. Fortunately, we architect every website we build in anticipation of future advancements. Much to the delight of R&N, we already had the framework in place to enable a painless and inexpensive upgrade path.

With a fresh look with a whole new level of mobile friendly features built right in, the new website was launched in August 2014. Needless to say, R&N is delighted with the result.

Our proactive website management philosophy means our clients don’t get blindsided with unforeseen issues or face expensive break-fix dilemmas. Are you ready to work with Arkansas’ most proactive and most effective web and social media company? Call 501-247-1009 or contact us online to get started.

Dash Heating & Cooling

DashA full-service heating and air conditioning company based in Little Rock and serving central Arkansas since 1939, Dash Heating & Cooling earned their reputation for high quality work over 75 years ago. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and their signature
“We’re There When We Say.. Or You Don’t Pay” policy Dash continues to lead in their market  by focusing on high quality service at competitive prices.

Maintaining a great reputation in the world today is a little more complex than it used to be. Nowadays, word of mouth travels via social networks. And company reviews, both good and bad, live  forever online.  These modern problems require modern solutions. Which is why Dash chose Jackpot Interactive as the best choice for all of the challenges Dash faces online. In August 2014 the new went online and our fully managed web and social media services began.

At Jackpot, we’ve provide small businesses like Dash a complete turn-key website solution that address all of the critical issues that every small business faces online.  A proposition that Dash and all of our clients find simply irresistible.

The reason small business owners love our web design  and social media services so much, is because we designed these services to bring a “best practice” approach, focused on bottom line results, at a very competitive price.  The bottom line is, our clients  win new business and develop competitive advantages online while protecting their online reputations and growing their social reach. It’s How the Web is Won, and it’s only from Jackpot Interactive.

Your small business can win online too! Let us show you how. Contact us online or call 501-247-1009 for a free consultation.

Townley Pool & Spa

Townley Pools & SpasWell known for their “Ahh! Townley” slogan, Townley Pool and Spa provides pool care products & services as well as an impressive line of hot tubs. More than just a slogan, Townley has earned a reputation for high quality products and a complete dedication to customer service. Towney serves all of central Arkansas from their West Little Rock location with a pool supply store and a gorgeous showroom featuring the latest hot tubs and hot tub accessories.

The management team at Townley was seeking to build a stronger and more effective web presence and address the growing complexity of the online channel. As an early adopter on the web, Townley has experienced first hand both the benefits and challenges that come from working with web design agencies. And that’s why Townley found Jackpot Interactive’s turn-key web solution so appealing.

Here at Jackpot, we take a very different approach to the challenges that small businesses face online. We have created a suite of services that get right to the heart of those problems and deliver the results small businesses are looking for. Our clients win new business and develop competitive advantages online while protecting their online reputation and growing their social reach.

The folks at Townley recognize the value proposition of our unique approach, and in August 2014 the new went online and our ongoing promotion and managemnet services began. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Townley Pool and Spa.

Chances are, we can help your business online as well. Contact us online or call 501-247-1009 to learn more about our fully managed web and social media services.

John K Carr Realty

John-K-Carr-Realty Ozark area broker John K. Carr runs a full service Real Estate Company from Leslie Arkansas serving Searcy County and all of the surrounding counties including Stone, Baxter, Marion, Boone, and Van Buren.

With a special focus on real estate investment opportunities including farm land, timberland or recreational land; John knows full well that his web presence is mission critical for his agency. So when John recently discovered that his web site had fallen off in the search rankings, he turned to Jackpot Interactive for help.

At Jackpot, search optimization is a key component of our best practice website solution. For the John K Carr Realty website we started from the ground up, identifying the most important keyphrases for the business, the biggest opportunities to improve, and the existing strongholds that need to be preserved.

With the keyword strategy defined, we simplified the navigation and page structure and overhauled the website look and feel. Then we tested a number of different back-office listing management tools to identify the best fit for the agency.

The new website launched in June 2014 includes a host of new features for website visitors as well as the agents. The entire team at John K Carr is pleased with the results and excited about the new tools at their disposal.

We are excited to include John K Carr Realty to our portfolio and look forward to helping John and his team achieve their goals online.

Are you frustrated with your company’s results online? Take control of your online presence with a proven web solution for small business. Call 501-247-1009 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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