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5 easy steps to run your online presence like a boss

You don’t need to know much about technology to run your online presence successfully. You just have to think like a boss, and make these simple demands;

Demand thought leadership– How, in specific terms, can your website and social properties help your business in meaningful, bottom-line boosting ways? Demand a vendor that can clearly identify your business opportunities online.

Demand a plan that makes sense to you – If the plan cannot be easily explained, it is not fully understood. And don’t be charmed into taking a leap of faith by slick sales people. Demand a vendor that doesn’t promise the moon. One that simply tells you what time it is, and not how to build a clock.

Demand high quality – Your brand image is at stake, so choose carefully who you hire to publish stuff online. Bad YouTube videos and poorly written back-link pages are just spam, and you don’t want your brand associated with spam. Demand a vendor that can deliver high quality content that makes your brand stand-out online.

Demand measured results – Your website costs money. It’s an investment, and you deserve to fully understand the value of your return on investment. Demand a vendor that can do the measuring, analysis, and reporting you need to understand how well your investment is paying off.

Demand a complete solution – Covering the basics online means content, SEO, marketing, & social networking. Managing it all for growth is how the web is won. Because it’s not enough to just show results, you have grow to stay ahead. A complete solution does all of these things.

At JackPot we meet these demands every day. It’s what we do. Contact us for a no-non-sense, no obligation consultation.

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