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WARNING! Don’t sign another contract with Yellow Pages before reading this.

WarningEvery year the phone directory guys make their rounds pushing their small business marketing solutions. A solution that has shifted from phone book ads, now to online advertising, search optimization, and even websites.

The directory guys had no choice but to follow consumer behavior away from the printed directory to online resources. The problem is the phone book guys are doing it wrong. And they’re charging a premium price to do it, because the sales guys are good making it hard to say no.

To help uncover a few important facts about their services, we’ve assembled a list of questions every YP sales guy should be asked.

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Five simple steps to a successful online presence

fivesThey say the pioneers take the arrows and the settlers take the land. This is most certainly the case with the Internet. For the average small business, the last 20 years has been a roller coaster ride with hit and miss results online.

The landscape has evolved and the technology has matured. Along the way, a whole lot of information has been gathered. Now the data is in and the results are clear. The best practices for small business to succeed online are written. All it takes is well built website and five core ongoing activities.

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5 easy ways to get business value from Facebook

Let’s face it; Facebook is now a normal part of everyday life for a whole lot of people. So it’s more important than ever for your business to embrace Facebook, and derive some business value for your efforts.

Many business leaders remain wary of Facebook and the challenges it presents. Luckily, early adopters have worked out success formulas and best practices have emerged that anyone can use to build a successful Facebook presence. We’ve put together this list of 5 easy ways for you to get started and get value back.

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This Birthday Cake Should Change the Way You Think

In 2013, a new generation of adults has emerged that has never known a world without the Internet. How do you think this new generation feels about your company? Hint: it has a whole lot to do with the condition of your online presence.

The days of uncertainty and neglect of the interactive space are gone. The Internet has come of age. Your company’s online presence is more critical than ever, and growing more critical every day.

Here are five basic things that every online presence, including yours, should be doing to stay current:

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How-to: Create a competitive advantage with your website.

The web is not going away any time soon. It’s not even finished growing up yet. And your organization is under growing pressure to do more online, even if you don’t realize it yet. It’s no wonder so many organizations view their websites as growing cost centers.We agree the web is a growing part of every organization’s future. And that growth can mean growing benefits too.

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