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WARNING! Don’t sign another contract with Yellow Pages before reading this.

WarningEvery year the phone directory guys make their rounds pushing their small business marketing solutions. A solution that has shifted from phone book ads, now to online advertising, search optimization, and even websites.

The directory guys had no choice but to follow consumer behavior away from the printed directory to online resources. The problem is the phone book guys are doing it wrong. And they’re charging a premium price to do it, because the sales guys are good making it hard to say no.

To help uncover a few important facts about their services, we’ve assembled a list of questions every YP sales guy should be asked.

  • How do you address the The Golden Rule for success online? Content is King! What content comes with the monthly commitment? Is it high quality, original content?
  • How much do they mark up Google’s ad costs? YP has a software system to mark up the costs of your ads. So any competitor can buy direct from Google and beat you in this space.
  • How do they measure success? Hint: Hits and clicks don’t pay the bills.
  • Who is claiming, monitoring, and updating your social spaces like Facebook? Good luck with that.

The truth is, you can get a lot more for your money with Jackpot than you can with the phone book people. We offer a proven website solution that includes online advertising, content production, search optimization and social networking. And we manage all the moving parts for you. So you never have worry if you’re doing the right things and you always know what your returns are.

Know your options. Contact us online or call 501-247-1009 before you make a decision on YP this year.

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