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The simple truth: How the death of the yellow pages is bad news for most small businesses

Not so long ago, things were a whole lot simpler for the small business person. Consider small business advertising. The range of choices available is staggering. But, not very long ago, all small business advertising programs started with the yellow pages. That’s because, in the past, yellow pages advertising made the phone ring.

Now that the yellow pages are obsolete, small business owners are left to guess how to make the phone ring. Everybody knows it’s online. But that’s where the consensus ends.

The yellow pages guys want to sell you Google ads and search optimization programs. The web guys want to sell you a redesign and some wiz-bang doohickeys for a big chunk of change. Anybody with a laptop these days is a web designer. There are a million different Do-It-Yourself solutions. And all you want is the phone to ring.

The bad news: it’s very easy to make a bad decision here. Suddenly, your website wants your yellow pages budget. And, it’s easy to burn through a lot of cash online and not make the phone ring.

Here’s the good news. We have solved these problems, and we will make your phone ring. Our Royal Flush Solution does what no other solution can. Our solution delivers the new business inquiries that you need to keep your business thriving. We make it simple again. You have to love that.

Are you ready to turn your website and advertising budget into new business you can measure? Contact us to get started.

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