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What Your First Pet Can Teach You About Your Website

o you remember the first pet that your parents bought for you? Before they let you have that new pet, they spoke of chores and tasks that would be associated with the care, upkeep, and maintenance required for the well-being of that new pet. Your company’s website is no different than that little puppy (or kitten!) Here’s why:

A pet that goes unfed will whither away and die. Your website hungers for new, original content that is relevant to your target audience. You must feed your website great, original content. Every bit of content you put on your website will be indexed by the search engines, affecting your overall relevance involving searches containing keywords found on your website. For your website to thrive, it must be fed content regularly, just as a pet must eat regularly.

A pet will cause messes that you must clean up. Your website needs to remain up-to-date, or it will become a muddy mess for everyone. Old phone numbers can point potential customers in the wrong direction. The lack of a new business address on your website will leave customers wondering where you’re at. Your website must be maintained regularly, just as your pet’s messes must be cleaned up.

A pet requires regular attention. Your website needs attention, too! Your website needs to be target audience focused, so that when you receive a sales lead from the web, it will be a relevant and qualified lead for your business. The more you pay attention to your website visitor data, the better you can make the experience for everyone and tailor the website interface for your target market.

A pet without a planned boundary will wander away. Your website needs a growth and maintenance plan. If you don’t plan for your website in advance, it will ultimately lose focus, and could even thwart your original goals and intentions. You need a website management service in place to plan changes, promote, advertise, grow, and optimize.

Local web development agencies will build your website with a huge up-front cost to your business, and only provide the necessary care and feeding for your website upon your request. Jackpot Interactive turns that old method on its head, because we know that you want to be successful online. We know that you’ve got to treat your website just as you should treat a pet. Contact Jackpot Interactive today to learn more about our low up-front cost and the overwhelming successes of our clients.

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