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The Royal Flush Solution

The Royal Flush Solution

We start by aligning your goals with your website strategy. Then we create a fresh, modern website with the latest and greatest back-end system, built from the ground up with your strategic goals in mind.
Your website by Jackpot is more than just beautiful. It’s flexible, scalable, and optimized for conversions.
But it takes more than a great website to win online…
LOOK! The Royal Flush Solution includes content creation, SEO, search marketing, and social networking. All 100% fully managed by Jackpot, so you can focus on what you do best. It’s like stacking the deck in your favor!
Explore Your Winning Hand!

The Perfect 10

The Perfect 10

You can’t make a Royal Flush without the 10 card, and you can’t have a successful online presence without good management.

At Jackpot, we manage the complexities and details for you. More than just a web team, we provide senior management-level services, applying our expertise to make the day-to-day decisions about the operation and promotion of your website.   This allows you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

We report our results, plans and, most importantly, your return on investment each month. Forget the technical jargon. We communicate in business terms from a business perspective so that you always know where you stand.

With Jackpot’s management expertise, your winning hand is complete.

The Jack of all SEO

The Jack of all SEO

Just as the Jack serves the royal court, good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) serves your website by delivering organic traffic, the name of this game.  However, not all SEO is created equal.  Beware of over-hyped promises and extraordinary claims.

We know that good SEO is built with a bottom-up approach, so we develop your SEO strategy before we develop your website and infuse that strategy into everything else we do.

We provide ongoing activities on your website and across the internet according to Google’s best practices for SEO and semantic publishing techniques designed to build the relevancy of your website over time.

Steady, systematic, and pervasive is the Jackpot SEO strategy.

The Social Queen

The Social Queen

Social networks are where meaningful relationships are created online. Social graces and etiquette have new modern definitions online. We navigate social spaces for you with the grace and poise of a Queen.

Our social management services ensure that your social properties like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are kept up-to-date, engaging your target audience, and growing in reach over time.

As your social reach grows, we develop campaigns to leverage that reach to advance your goals.

All of your outbound communications, from special promotions to product announcements and company news, go further and faster with Jackpot’s social strategy.

The Content King

The Content King

kingEverybody knows content is King. Quality and frequency win the content game. But creating content is demanding work, especially when quality is so important.

Publishing high-quality content on a regular basis is the foundation of the Royal Flush Solution. We understand that your online content is your voice in the marketplace and central to your whole online strategy.

We follow journalism’s best practices and  our web focused editorial process to create professional, useful content that your target audience is looking for and finds valuable .

We grow your content over time, creating more ways for people to find your website. Quality and frequency is our mantra.

Our Solution

Win new business and develop competitive advantages while protecting your online reputation and growing your social reach. See How the Web is Won

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