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The top 5 signs your website needs a manager

These are the top signs of a neglected website. How does your website stack up?
5. Lacks visual appeal– The first bad sign is bad design. Even a professionally designed site can grow old quickly. A good manager will keep their website fresh and professional looking at all times.

4. Fails the five second test – It should take 5 seconds for a new visitor to determine what the site is about and what to do next. The website manager must prioritize content and functionality to avoid cluttering the interface and creating confusion with users.

3. Poor Information design –Confusing interfaces come from poor information design. A good web manager knows that information design is the key creating websites that people find easy to use.

2. Out of date content – Nothing screams neglect like old stale content. And nothing kills your search ranking faster that a static website. Good management means fresh, up-to-date content.

1. No clear call to action – If a website has a purpose, it must have goals. When there’s no call to action, the site is obviously not being managed to achieve any goals. Which also implies the website doesn’t have a clear purpose.

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How-to: Create a competitive advantage with your website.

The web is not going away any time soon. It’s not even finished growing up yet. And your organization is under growing pressure to do more online, even if you don’t realize it yet. It’s no wonder so many organizations view their websites as growing cost centers.We agree the web is a growing part of every organization’s future. And that growth can mean growing benefits too.

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