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What Your First Pet Can Teach You About Your Website

o you remember the first pet that your parents bought for you? Before they let you have that new pet, they spoke of chores and tasks that would be associated with the care, upkeep, and maintenance required for the well-being of that new pet. Your company’s website is no different than that little puppy (or kitten!) Here’s why:

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The simple truth: How the death of the yellow pages is bad news for most small businesses

Not so long ago, things were a whole lot simpler for the small business person. Consider small business advertising. The range of choices available is staggering. But, not very long ago, all small business advertising programs started with the yellow pages. That’s because, in the past, yellow pages advertising made the phone ring.

Now that the yellow pages are obsolete, small business owners are left to guess how to make the phone ring. Everybody knows it’s online. But that’s where the consensus ends.

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The top five ways ‘yellow pages online’ programs fall short.

 The times have changed. And now you, and everyone else, are using the internet to find local businesses.

To get with the times, YP expanded their services to offer websites and online advertising to their customers. The problem is that they only offer a partial solution that misses the mark by ignoring some fundamental requirements.

Let’s explore the top five ways that Yellow Pages misses the mark:


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The road to an ineffective website is paved with ‘good’ business decisions.

All good business leaders, from small local folks to Fortune 500 CEOs, have one thing in common. They are good at making decisions. And when it comes to the web, this is where things begin to go wrong.

I don’t mean to suggest that business leaders are doing anything wrong. To the contrary, they’re doing exactly what they are supposed to do: make decisions.

The problem is that most web shops are simply misrepresenting the problems and asking the wrong questions.

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5 easy steps to run your online presence like a boss

You don’t need to know much about technology to run your online presence successfully. You just have to think like a boss, and make these simple demands;

Demand thought leadership– How, in specific terms, can your website and social properties help your business in meaningful, bottom-line boosting ways? Demand a vendor that can clearly identify your business opportunities online.

Demand a plan that makes sense to you – If the plan cannot be easily explained, it is not fully understood. And don’t be charmed into taking a leap of faith by slick sales people. Demand a vendor that doesn’t promise the moon. One that simply tells you what time it is, and not how to build a clock.

Demand high quality – Your brand image is at stake, so choose carefully who you hire to publish stuff online. Bad YouTube videos and poorly written back-link pages are just spam, and you don’t want your brand associated with spam. Demand a vendor that can deliver high quality content that makes your brand stand-out online.

Demand measured results – Your website costs money. It’s an investment, and you deserve to fully understand the value of your return on investment. Demand a vendor that can do the measuring, analysis, and reporting you need to understand how well your investment is paying off.

Demand a complete solution – Covering the basics online means content, SEO, marketing, & social networking. Managing it all for growth is how the web is won. Because it’s not enough to just show results, you have grow to stay ahead. A complete solution does all of these things.

At JackPot we meet these demands every day. It’s what we do. Contact us for a no-non-sense, no obligation consultation.

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