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If Your Website Isn’t Getting Your Message Across, Don’t Fret, Call the Pros at Jackpot Interactive!

If you’re like a lot of business owners, you have a website — but when you think of advertising, you think of radio, television, magazines, newspapers, and billboards, as each of these mediums have been highly effective in the past. But the world isn’t standing still, and to get your message out to target audience, you have to go where they go.

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Is Your Company’s Website Your Weakest Link?

Great websites don’t just happen. Focused on branding and marketing, they’re clean, easy to navigate, visually appealing, and engineered to be recognized by the top search engines.

Great websites deliver on an expectation from the website visitor – they have searched for you or your products and services, and they have questions that need to be answered. Generally, those questions are the following:

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It’s a Web-Based World That Just Won’t Wait

Time waits for no one.

Establishing an Internet presence is essential if or any small business today. If people can’t see you, you may as well not exist, and sooner you probably won’t. It doesn’t take millions to employ a creative content department like the Fortune 500 companies do. And you don’t have to settle for a boring, stale, static website that only looks cheap but in reality is costing you a lot of money in missed opportunities.

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It’s a Jungle out There. Take Jackpot Interactive as Your Guide and Never Worry About Crocodiles Again.


You may as well face it. It’s 2015 and if you don’t know by now how important a great website is to the success of your business, you’re probably out of business, even if you don’t know it yet.

Remember the phone book? Today, a few are in museums and the rest are cluttering up landfills from sea to shining sea. Most people below 20 years old have never even seen one.

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Jackpot welcomes new team member Cory Eddington

Jackpot is very excited to announce the addition of a new staff member to our web and social media team. Cory Eddington of Little Rock joined the Jackpot team Monday May 12th in our new office at 1 Innwood Circle.

Cory holds a BA in Digital Media from University of Central Florida in Orlando. He will serve as Jackpot’s lead web producer covering the entire process of web and social media development.

Despite being born in Fairfield California and growing up in Navarre Florida, Cory has many family ties here in Arkansas. These family ties are what lead Cory to move to Little Rock last year.

We’re glad to have such a bright and talented person on our team. Please join us in welcoming Cory to Jackpot!

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